It’s FINALLY HERE!! I’m SO EXCITED to present THE most transformative approach to female fat loss that bridges the gap that so many women have been missing and is so long overdue!

It is no freaking secret that I am DONE hearing about women struggling with fat loss, being stuck, frustrated and miserable with regimented rules and ridiculous calorie counting or tracking every grain of rice.

It is time to draw a line in the sand!

My guess is that you are DONE being constantly on and off the wagon with your diet, like you’re in a never-ending, exhausting battle against yourself.

You are FED UP being an otherwise, smart, intelligent women make illogical decisions around food because you have been made to feel stupid or “weak” by the fitness or dieting industries after many failed “dieting attempts”

You are EXHAUSTED smashing yourself in the gym 5-10x a week and you are STILL fat, STILL desperate, STILL unhappy, suffering all time low confidence levels and have the energy levels of a sedated sloth.

You have had ENOUGH struggling with food, training and your self worth. You live in secret or try to hide your struggles from others, only to put on a brave face and attempt to portray this perfect image on the outside, but on the inside you’re really struggling because you feel like a fraud.

I am DONE hearing women struggle with the same stress, overwhelm and debilitating perfectionism that permeates every aspect of their life……

…...because I was once in your shoes…

…My self worth was entirely dependent on my work, perfectionism strangled my life and creativity and only contributed to my debilitating stress.

It was hard to get and stay lean, my IBS was wildly out of control, overtrained, underfed and I felt I had to show up as someone else, not who I really was because I didn’t feel good enough just to be me.

It is kind of sad writing that now because, fast forward 10-12 years, I can see the error of my ways. Yet, those years spent in that place have gifted me with the greatest asset - personal experience and a burning desire to help women become fit, lean, sexy and most importantly confident!

If you are like many of my clients, you may be sat there reading this and you are stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed with fat loss and feeling like nothing works.

So here it is… if you want a complete overhaul of your body and lifestyle then YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED to be part of this...

12 weeks of a NEXT LEVEL body transformation method to eliminate feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and stuck, to feeling sexy and confident in your best body!


Frankly, here is the truth...It’s time we had an approach that finally balances the science of fat loss with female psychology and behaviour.

A system that:

  • Cuts through the BS and strips the confusion
  • Strips excessive, obsessive strategies like counting calories, tracking and weighing
  • Strips any excessive restriction that leads to you battling hunger, cravings, and low energy
  • Enables busy, hard working, high value women to have it all - the body, business, career, and lifestyle - without the stress, overwhelm, or constant on & off the wagon

SAY HELLO to the Athletic Fox Collective.

THIS is how women who are in shape, STAY in shape year round effortlessly, whilst being able to pursue their career and business ambitions, and have a great personal and private life.

If you’ve been struggling to balance fat loss and life…

If you’ve been on the wagon off the wagon…

If you’re struggling with a fat loss plateau…

If you find yourself frustrated, confused, or simply going round in circles…

… Then GET EXCITED because the answer is here!

Here is the thing, what I am about to say may ruffle some feathers….but you need to know….

Both the weight loss and the fitness industry have inadvertently created the perfect environment for you to continue the cycle of rebound, on and off the wagon, as well as weight loss plateaus that feel IMPOSSIBLE to break through.

So much of what you thought was good practice, effective advice, or sensible advice is actually making everything WORSE and contributing to your problems.

So at one end of the spectrum we have popular diets from the “dieting/weight loss industry”: intermittent fasting, keto, detoxes, counting points, etc.

At the other end we have the “fitness industry” approach which is things like counting calories, tracking macros and weighing your food.I’m sure you are smart enough that you already understand the harm that excessive restriction creates. Although, no doubt along your journey somewhere you have been so desperate that you have likely tried to just eat 500kcal or less a day. I also call this the “air” diet.

I don’t want to bang on about that too much because I’m sure this is pretty obvious to you…

… If you excessively cut calories and follow crash diets then of course you’re going to binge, rebound, and wreak havoc with your metabolism and health.

… If you demonise carbs and try to cut them out of your diet, then of course you’re going to get cravings and end up binging! As well as cause other physiological effects that actually make fat loss harder (elevated cortisol, impaired muscle recovery, thyroid health, etc) which I’m not going to bore you with here.

This is not a biology lesson, this is a smack in the face!

What I want to highlight here is why you are still stuck when you have been a diligent student following what are seemingly more “sensible rules” and “sensible diets”...

So let’s start with DIETS! All these diets have strict rules that you’re supposed to follow.


Look, rules are useful because they eliminate thinking and calculation! You don't need an education, you don't need to think for yourself, you just execute the rules and lose weight - easy!

On the flip side, rigid rules immediately set your psychology up for failure, because they slowly condition you into perfectionism.

You start to see food as “good food” and “bad food”, which then expands into it being either a good day or a bad day. This can even spread into seeing yourself as bad, flawed, or weak if you happen to “have a bad day”.

Secondly, these types of rules and the feeling of being “on a diet” immediately puts your brain into a deprived and restricted mentality.

You have the feeling of being controlled, and confined, and missing out… yuk!!! We have all been there!

So you resist the temptation for as long as you can but inevitably your brain is going to push back at some point. It is time to REBEL!

Inevitably you’re going to, “just have a taste,” of something…But of course it’s never just a taste is it?

Because now your brain is thinking, “This is amazing! And I don’t know when I’ll next have an opportunity to get this feeling or this freedom again because I know that just around the corner there’s yet another period of restriction and deprivation with no end in sight, so let’s stockpile as much of this feeling as possible!”

And of course the fact that you’ve now categorised it as a “bad day” gives you the perfect excuse to have an all out binge and pretend to yourself that it’s ok and this is the LAST time because you will start again “On Monday!”

TELL me this is not true!?

It’s so “in vogue” now, almost like a cult to count, track and weigh your food or calories.

This is causing the EXACT same problem as following a diet with rules.

If you’ve ever counted calories you’ll know IT’S A MASSIVE BORE and a TIME CONSUMING HASSLE. And not only is it unsustainable, but it’s also completely unnecessary for you to achieve your goals.

Women who stay in shape year round easily and effortlessly whilst simultaneously chasing life don’t count calories in an app!

They’ve got better things to be doing than counting fucking grains of rice and weighing every morsel of food. They have a life OUTSIDE of fitness yet a good understanding of food, not an obsession.

So, you may have tried counting calories either you can’t sustain it, or you became a perfectionist. Perhaps you have become anxious and worry obsessively over the number and panic if you go over the them.

Perhaps you panic if you’re in an environment where you can’t control the numbers, you don’t know how your food is cooked or there is cake on display….. And it’s carrot cake…. (personal fave!)

By now, you have more and more fear and anxiety around food. When you go over your calorie or macro count or have a blowout you secretly fudge the numbers or don’t bother inputting them in an attempt to make yourself feel better…. But the guilt is already lurking.

But counting calories is the only way I can keep control” - interesting concept…..Counting calories gives you the illusion of feeling in control, but it is slowly, silently, covertly destroying your self-control.

You become a slave to the numbers and lose the ability to make your own decisions, to think for yourself, or to listen to your body and make smart choices.

Don’t get me wrong, the science of fat loss still matters. We can’t escape energy balance and YES calories DO matter!

But the PROCESS of counting calories as a way of trying to “stay on track and moderate behaviour” works completely against your psychology!

It makes you feel boxed in. Like a trapped wasp in a jar!  It makes you feel like you have no flexibility or room for error, making last minute changes to what you want to eat is a massive hassle. It makes you fear work functions, and social events, feel panicked, confused or unclear how to handle special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

It actually TEACHES and REINFORCES the very behaviours that cause women to develop a disordered relationship with food, including an all or nothing mentality, mindless eating, and even binge eating.


All this back and forth, on-the-wagon-off-the-wagon, and inconsistency has lead to what pisses me off the most… women doubting themselves! Low confidence, afraid of being judged, trapped in the dieting hell hole and being sold some rubbish that this is “flexible dieting”.

“Why can’t I do this? What’s wrong with me? I’m an intelligent woman, why the hell can’t I just get a grip on my weight loss? I have tried everything! Nothing works for me! Maybe I’m not good enough? Maybe I can’t do it? Maybe I’m just meant to be this way? I’ll just have to diet harder”

I cannot emphasise this enough… THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

All that self doubt is being fueled by all those flawed, incomplete, and unsustainable approaches.

It is time for you to TAKE BACK CONTROL!

The problem isn’t you, it’s the methods and perhaps some of the decisions you have made along the way.

Fear not my future fox! The Athletic Fox Collective is so groundbreaking because it navigates the dichotomy of fat loss.

On the one hand we must have guidance and principles to follow. Clearly you can’t just eat what you want when you want but...

... we need to balance science with behavioural psychology with a system that enables you to:

  • Have the flexibility to confidently change your mind on what to eat
  • Effortlessly and naturally select foods that align with your fat loss goals
  • Be adaptable in responding to unplanned events like work functions or random date nights
  • Enjoy wine - Obviously!

You see, The Athletic Fox Collective creates the physiological effects we are after whilst working WITH your psychology instead of AGAINST it.

And a critical distinction to make here is that this is NOT a compromise! This is a MORE EFFECTIVE APPROACH.

This is the approach that in 12 months time has people saying “WOW! How the hell did you do that? Tell me the secret!” instead of just “Did you lose weight?…”

So what's the catch?

Here it is….

I am going to teach you to  think for yourself.

This is one of the key components that has been missing in the fat loss industry. You must learn to make your own bold, confident decisions around food and your life.

For years women have been beaten into submission by the fat loss industry.

“Don’t trust your body you must tell it what to do. Don’t trust your mind, it’s emotional and irrational and needs to be forced with willpower.”

I call BS. We all know willpower doesn’t work and what you are currently doing isn’t working for you or you wouldn’t still be reading.

We now have a whole generation of women who need to be told what to do in every situation. I am not kidding! They need rules, numbers, and a system to make their decisions for them.

Are You Not Bored Of Asking For Permission & Being Governed By Rules?

So maybe in the past you’ve needed a strict, rigid, and precise system to help you navigate your fat loss and life. But that’s not empowering you is it?

It’s slowly sucking the life out of you, and teaching you to doubt yourself and your ability to make decisions more and more. Fearing being judged and ridiculed.

I work with women who want to play beyond the rules. If you want to look hot and feel amazing year round, whilst crushing it in your business or career, having fun, chasing life....

....The Athletic Fox Collective is for you. The smart, driven woman who wants to have it all.

So by now I assume you have both the intelligence and the humility to recognise that what you’ve been doing so far isn’t working for you. As you know I will not sugar coat the delivery of my advice. That begins here.

You’re likely sick and tired of doing battle with your body and taking one step forward only to take two steps back. You recognise that there is currently a gap in your skill set and you’re ready to let go of your old beliefs and learn something new.

If that is you, the new standards begin now, today.

Let us continue...what about exercise?

So, just like your dieting a nutrition journey has lead you to this point, the same is true for your training or fitness journey.

Once again to the uninitiated it’s a complete minefield, and we find EXACTLY the same problems...

What works in the short term doesn’t work in the long term.

Sure, you can lose weight really quickly by chasing super high intensity, high calorie expenditure workouts: HIIT training, long cardio sessions, and exhaustive type training.

For a while you get a kick out of it too. It makes you feel proud, even superior to be flogging yourself harder than everybody around you.

Don’t deny it. I have been there so I know the feeling.

Because you got results quickly in the beginning you understandably assume that this is THE approach that works, and will continue to work forever until you wake up one day looking like a slim fit goddess!

Because of that assumption…

You become addicted to feeling exhausted.

You associate feeling exhausted with FEELING like you’re on track and making long term progress - even if you’re not!

You also probably associate feeling exhausted with self worth and feeling like you’re a hard worker.  It’s ok, you are not alone here and I certainly used to feel that way.

But just as with crash diets, at some point you plateau, and then you’ve got nowhere to go.

Except exhaust yourself even more, and train even longer.

But each time you up the intensity, the duration, or the frequency of your workouts, fat loss becomes harder and harder and the plateau becomes longer and longer.

You’re now swimming in a sea of stress hormones. Stress hormones are not bad, they are very important and powerful hormones. But in excessive, chronic levels they’re going to stop your body transformation dead in its tracks.

You’re already busy and stressed enough with your work life (and for some of you family life too). Flogging yourself to the point of crawling out the gym on your hands and knees tips you over the edge.

Here comes another truth...

I’m here to tell you that exhaustive exercise, excessive cardio, and daily HITT training are NOT how we create your best body ever in the long run.

You need a training system that:

  • Changes your body SHAPE.
  • Boosts your metabolism.
  • Increases energy expenditure and creates fat loss WITHOUT negatively impacting hormones, your metabolism, or your health.
  • Is sustainable year round, even when work and home life are crazy busy.

That’s a system that will work forever.

That’s a system that gets you into the best shape of your life.

And that’s a system that you’ll be able to maintain easily once you get there.

The system you need is The Athletic Fox Collective! (Obviously!)

Become Your Future FIT, LEAN, CONFIDENT, SEXY Self

Ok, so I am saving the best till last here!

This is rarely talked about but this is critical point and could well be the FINAL piece to your fat loss puzzle!

What’s one of the biggest reasons women lose faith, lose consistency, and repeat the cycle of on-the-wagon-off-the-wagon?

They’re attacking fat loss from a mindset of utter desperation.

They’re approaching it from the mindset of “OMG, I need to get there quickly because I’m terrified that I might never get there, so I need massive proof every day that I can still make it. But what if I can’t? What if I’m not good enough? What if I’m just meant to be this way?!”

If this sounds familiar to you, that mindset pushes away the very thing you want!

It leads to stupid decisions - like chasing extreme, rapid weight loss. It leads to a complete loss of control of your emotions - when you plateau you panic and start doubting yourself.

And it leads to completely inconsistent motivation, and when your motivation wanes you think “Fuck it! I might as well have a blowout this weekend!”

Most people think that WHEN they lose weight THEN they’ll feel differently about themselves. THEN they’ll feel like a slim, fit, healthy person.

You may believe that the EXTERNALS (your body) has to change first, and then the INTERNALS (your sense of identity and sense of self) will change as a result.

The truth is that real transformation is exactly the reverse!

Your identity, your sense of self, who you believe you are, is one of the strongest guiding forces in your life. It forms part of the blueprint your unconscious mind uses to automatically guide your decisions and your behaviour.

If you have the identity of an overweight person - not just in a factual, objective manner - but in a way that defines who you are as a person, it’s now part of your identity, that MUST change.

Warning - if you don’t address this...

...then you’re inevitably going to sabotage yourself, eat mindlessly, skip workouts, or repeatedly put your fat loss goals on hold “just for now, just until the craziness of work is out the way!

Why? Because those behaviours are congruent with that identity!

So, in the long run, all your behaviour will automatically and unconsciously come into alignment with your sense of identity.

Instead you need to create and step into the identity of your future self. Because what you need to recognise is that your physical body today is not a representation of your identity today. It’s a DELAYED representation. Your body is a manifestation of who you USED TO BE!

So you can choose, right now, to totally and completely step into the identity of a slim, fit, and healthy person today, it’s just that your physiology hasn’t had time to catch up to that new reality yet.

So you think that way, you feel that way, you live your life that way. You make all your decisions from that sense of identity. That’s just who you are now. WHILST you allow time for your physiology to catch up to that identity.

This is one of the biggest secrets of dramatic and lasting body transformations that nobody is teaching.

This is what you will learn in the Athletic Fox Collective. The chances are you’ve never had any role models or examples in your life for you to model. You’ve never had anybody to tell you HOW to do this. And you’ve never had anybody setting the example and leading the way for you.

Women who stay in shape year round do it automatically because that’s WHO THEY ARE. They don’t need to count calories to make decisions from that sense of identity. The trouble is they’re also doing most of this unconsciously - without thinking about it and without even realising what they’re doing. It’s so automatic for them.

What we’ve done in the Athletic Fox Collective is crack the code. We’ve distilled the very process for HOW you adopt and step into the identity of your future self today.

This how you make fat loss effortless and inevitable

That’s how you eliminate all the internal conflict, internal struggle and self sabotage. That’s how you eliminate the desperation, the anxiety, and the fear. That’s how you get into the best shape of your life and stay in shape year round.

You get ALLLL of this in a simple, easy to apply and action system in The Athletic Fox Collective!


The Athletic Fox Collective is the next level 12 week body transformation method to go from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and stuck, to feeling sexy and confident in your best body!

I have limited places available and once the doors are closed they are closed for at least 4-6 months so jump on this now!

Here is what's included:

You will have:

  • Exclusive access to my nutrition system previously reserved for my VIP private clients
  • Access to a comprehensive nutrition manual AKA the Fox Bible and FAQ booklet which covers pretty much every single nutrition question I have been asked over the past 14 years
  • Healthy, tasty and NON-DIET Recipes prepared in line with my nutrition systems by my best foodie friend and professional cook Manar Barakat (ps Manar prepared all my meals leading up to my Oxygen Cover shoot using this system!)
  • 12 weeks of professionally Periodised Weight Training Programs, split into 3 phases
  • A fully comprehensive exercise library with over 100 exercise videos
  • A step by step process of upgrading your unconscious identity and becoming the best version of you
  • Written and practical exercises to accelerate your identity growth into becoming a High Value Women, where fat loss becomes effortless and inevitable
  • A private FB forum to meet your fellow foxes and share your journey
  • Access to monthly LIVE Q&A trainings with me in our private forum

For the first 50 members also receive BONUS CONTENT!

  • “The Mindset of Baseline Nutrition” guide, previously reserved for only VIP private clients.
  • A Bonus Training Program for complete beginners and a Bonus Training from 12-16 weeks for advanced lifters (so you get 16 weeks of training in total)

Upgrade to VIP?

Limited to 20 places for VIP. Suitable for those who just simply VIPs!! Or if you want additional support.

  • A private 45 min consultation within the first month of joining
  • 20 min follow up consultation at the time of your choosing
  • 10 days of unlimited 1:1 FB messenger access for every new phase of your training
  • $200 credit voucher to use in the future for any Chase Life Consulting Products or Services (including private consulting)
  • A kindle copy of David Godfrey's Book - Think Straight Lose Weight
  • And likely more stuff I decide to add to this list!

If you are the kind of person who has been nodding your head along over our conversation today and you want to be empowered, take back control of your own decisions and lose body fat once and for all then you absolutely need to join the Collective and become an Athletic Fox.

If you hadn't already clocked it, I'm Rachel Godfrey (neé Guy if you ever decide to google my name!)

Straight talking, Unfiltered Fat Loss Consulting for Women that Play Beyond The Rules.

I am a former physio and Oxygen Cover girl, with 14 years of experience training high performing women. I specialise in fat loss with behavioural change having worked with 1000’s of clients in person and online.

Renowned for my direct and unapologetic approach to fat loss, my goal is always to empower and inspire my high value female clients to not only prioritize their health, but to take massive decisive action in their lives. To supercharge confidence, raise standards, play a bigger game, improve emotional intelligence and overall happiness in their body, business and lifestyle.

I believe in the motto “work hard, play hard” and looking good and feeling good is part of that. Being in shape effortlessly year round while playing life on your terms!

So listen up - As I said before, I am DONE hearing about women struggling with their health and confidence.  

I have spent 14 years coaching women on sustainable and permanent fat loss. My wish is to make you feel sexy, confident and unstoppable - not just in your body, but in every aspect of your life….Then, my work here will be done! 🙂

You are ready to play a bigger game. You know who you are…. The one who make change happen and doesn’t sit around waiting for the fairies to make it all “ok” or "when the time is right".

Join the Collective…. I can’t wait to meet you. 



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